Rooms And Rates


We have 49 units altogether comprising:
– Single
– Double
– Twin
– Triple
– Family

All our units can be configured to cater for your unique needs.

– ISD direct dial phones
– Televisions
– Tea & coffee making facilities
– Guest laundry
– Room service
– All major credit cards accepted
– Ample off street parking for cars and coaches
– Close to North Hobart Restaurant strip

TWIN $88 $78 $88
DOUBLE $88 $78 $88
TWIN $100 $90 $100
DOUBLE $100 $90 $100
FAMILY UNIT $136 $126 $136
EXTRA ADULT $18 $18 $18
EXTRA CHILD $14 $14 $14

Hair Extensions Online Are The Perfect Personal Beauty Accessory To Buy

Hair extensions really came into vogue in the 1990s, and today, women are still pre-occupied with their mane. Scientists claim, however, that hair extensions were around many, many years ago, because the mummy of an Egyptian woman from 3,000 years past, was found in a coffin, adorned with some 70 elaborate extensions fastened together.

This all proves, that as women, we hate having a bad hair day. Our self-confidence goes out the window, and some of us feel like it’s going to be a lousy 24 hours. With the advancements made in the quality and variety of these lovely faux hair pieces, women can shop e-commerce for affordable hair extensions online.

Hollywood has been wearing the extensions hair trend for years now, and most of us would never have guessed that celebrity hair is usually beautifully fake. Many of us already have decent hair, but with all the chemical processes and extremely hot styling tools we use every day, strands weaken and can break off.

Reality TV’s famous Kylie Jenner loves playing around with hair trends and tons of hair extensions. She even sells her own brand of hair extensions online called, Kylie Hair Kouture. As a celebrity, she is not alone, because both model Christie Brinkley and singer Jessica Simpson also sell clip on hair extensions online in human hair and easy care synthetic. These are an affordable way to achieve that mass of super long locks with movement, volume and shine.

Both Brinkley and Simpson are like Kylie and admit they enjoy adding a few extra faux pieces of locks at public appearances, to enhance what nature already gave them.

Purchasing hair extensions online is a wise decision when you’re seeking instant length, style, glamour and head-turning attention. People notice your smile and eyes and especially your hair.

Buying Eden hair extensions online is not only for the fabulously famous. We all want A-list hair and can copy the look. Whether it’s virgin, remy, synthetic hair, hair from India, etc., the selections for you are almost infinite. There are the clip on, bonded ones, sewn in extensions, tape on and others that can all be seen and explained in detail when shopping for hair extensions online.

If you’re searching for a hair transformation, then consider buying hair extensions online.

Tea Tox Australia

Tea Tox Australia

If you are tired of carrying around the excess baggage of too much weight or you are feeling sluggish, you need something that can help you to get all systems running at optimal levels. ReviveMe Tea Tox Australia is a solution that can help you to take advantage of detoxifying your body. As you eliminate the toxins, you’ll get your metabolism moving. It’s a great way to give yourself that extra nudge you needed to start moving in the right direction.

Tea Tox Australia is Not a Diet
Forget about those yo-yo diets and supplements that make you stop eating. You can’t live that way forever. If you go on some kind of extreme plan that keeps you from eating in a normal way, it’s going to fail eventually. You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle that you can follow for all of your life. That means eating balanced meals, making good choices, and indulging in moderation. You can also use Tea Tox Australia to cleanse your body. So often, our systems get bogged down and we feel the bloat that makes us so uncomfortable. You just want to feel good and have clothes that fit. Tea Tox Australia can pave the way to the body you want.

Drink to Your Health
When you opt for Tea Tox Australia, you are adding another step to your life that will help you to be healthier. Tea Tox Australia involves drinking cleansing teas in the morning and evening. You can go with a program that lasts for 14 days or try 28 days to see what a difference Tea Tox Australia makes for you. As you get rid of those toxins in your system, you’ll feel like you are ready to take on the world. Combine it with daily exercise and wise choices in eating and you’ll see the transformation begin.

IT Support Melbourne for Diverse Needs

IT Support Melbourne for Diverse Needs

Companies that are located in Melbourne may have a plethora of different needs when it comes to information technology. There are a lot of things for companies to consider. This makes the IT Support Melbourne companies bountiful in the number of concepts that are supported. There are some companies that provide remote support while others may provide consulting services. The options are endless when it comes to finding a company that specializes in information technology services.

Clients in the small business sector may want to consider companies like Melbourne Computer Repair. This is a company that is dedicated to desktop and laptop repairs. This company also has professional IT employees that can install hardware and recover data. This is one of the better IT Support Melbourne companies for small businesses and residential clients. 

There are also companies like the IT Support Squad that can provide a lot of things like network monitoring and everything from Windows desktops to Mac computers, tablets and smart phones. This may be the better IT Support Melbourne solution for those companies that have an array of devices. There are a lot of companies that may need VOIP phone solutions and wireless networking. These are the companies that can benefit greatly from the IT Support Melbourne from IT Switch Managed IT Services Melbourne options provided by the IT Support Squad. 

IT Solutions Plus is another company that provides an extensive amount of IT Support Melbourne for clients. With this company a client can get website design services as well as network monitoring, server installation and managed services. There are also options for disaster recovery and image backups as well. This makes this organization one of most well-rounded IT companies in all of Melbourne.

How Hiring a Digital Agency in Melbourne is Relevant in Business

How Hiring a Digital Agency in Melbourne is Relevant in Business

Getting through in the ever growing online market calls for one to invest highly in a feasible marketing plan. There are different media through which investors can market their businesses. However, some are too expensive and unreliable when compared to digital marketing. Hiring a digital agency in Melbourne offers business people a chance to connect with a larger market in a more efficient manner that inspires growth. Here is why every investor should consider hiring the services of a digital agency in Melbourne. 

Efficiency is a factor that contributes towards the development of a business. With the help of a digital agency Melbourne from GMG Digital Agency, it is easy to handle changes that occur in the market. Each day more businesses get to the online market with unique strategies that are meant to offer a competitive edge. This means you should have a plan that responds accordingly to avoid losing relevance in the market. For easy execution, one should hire a marketing agency as they have all tools necessary to create a seamless marketing plan. 

When it comes to managing a business, cutting expenses while maximizing output is always in the mind of the owner. For this reason, hiring a digital agency in Melbourne offers a cheap solution of marketing not forgetting the business will generate more leads and the conversion rate will rise eventually. Compared to mainstream media, digital marketing offers a better solution that does not call for massive investment to have the plan implemented. It is also not affected by time as the online arena offers space for as long as one would like to market their business. 

Flexibility is also a factor that enhances the growth of business. With a proper digital agency in Melbourne, it is easy to manage other aspects of the business while marketing is taken care of by experts. There is no need to keep monitoring the market to identify the best procedure because this is implemented by professional marketers.